Turn Your Tax Refund into a Road Trip

Road Trips

What to do with your tax refund leads to all sorts of possibilities. Maybe pay down bills or buy something for the house. One option that can be both educational and entertaining is to invest in a road trip with family or friends.  Unlike planned vacations, which can be costly, road trips are less regimented and are a perfect way to utilize those extra funds.

Map Out Your Route

Look online at the US, or go old school with a paper map and draw out your route. A road trip becomes an adventure that can take you into unexplored regions of America. Here’s a chance to see more of the Southwest or trek through Amish country up North. Once you mark out that linear destination on the main US arteries you can then take you time and stop at local towns and villages. The trip can go as fast or as slow as you want it.

Prepare Your Vehicle

Before you set out on your journey make sure your car is in top condition. Get a thoroughcheckup of your vehicle from your mechanic. Get your oil changed and your tires rotated and properly inflated.  Make sure to pack an emergency kit including flashlight and blankets in case of a break down. Estimate your gas usage and then double that. Because your road trip is not focused on reaching a specific destination, your gas usage will increase. As you wander off the beaten path to visit main streets across America, you may require a little more fuel than first thought.

Save Money by Packing Food

Of course, it’s fun to stop at neighborhood restaurants and diners in small towns, but to save money you can also pack the trunk with all your edible essentials. Fill acooler with cold drinks, sandwiches and snacks. You can avoid unnecessary stops by bringing along these between meal extras.

Plan Where to Stay

Bed and breakfasts are quaint, but can get expensive. Other options include packing up the camping gear and finding places to enjoy the great outdoors in national parks. If you prefer modern comforts, you can still enjoy your trip without spending extravagantly. Motel 6 offers lots of amenities and affordable rooms. They also have a rewards program that can help you save along the way. In addition, they have special savings for those ready to hit the road. Check out their savings coupons before you plan your trip.