Top Reasons Your Tax Refund Could Be Delayed

Expects g a tax refund, the last thing the taxpayer want to do is wait and the current turnaround time for tax return has improved and processing sped up tremendously over the years since the introduction of the e-file, system  IRS electronic filing. Returns are processing within three weeks, thus many taxpayers receive their refund sooner than that.

The pull of avoiding tax refund lies on the taxpayer as simple errors and insights can lead to a delay of your tax return.

Did you file an incomplete tax return?

One of the common causes of delay tax return processing, thus delayed refunds is incomplete or missing information on the return.  For example, failure to include basic information; social security numbers of dependents can lead to holding up a refund. If you fail to include copies of your W-2 or 1099 forms with your paper returns increases the processing time and hence missing forms or schedules.

Computation errors on your tax return

The tax code has always been complicated, thus use an experience tax agent, with numerous exceptions, special tax circumstances, and phase-outs of deduction, credits and exemptions.  In most cases manually prepared tax returns often include math errors especially if prepared by an inexperienced individual.

The most common calculation tax errors include taxable amount, of social security income, taxable income, and the child and dependent care credit. Frequently resulting computation errors on the tax returns include the amount of withheld taxes, the estimated tax paid, increased standard deductions, and the earned income credit.

Professional tax agents with state of the art software that automatically run the required calculation help avoid math errors on your filing and also extend to check errors and call them to your attention prior filing.

Wrong social security number

A mismatch of your SSN will significantly delay processing your tax return as the IRS process include verifying the tax return information and thus ensuring  the social security number and name combination on the returns match the state information in the Social Security administration’s databases.

Taxpayers using the e-filing process avoid most of the errors such as SSN/name mismatch, but very common with manual filing.

Early filing too late filing

The anxiety to get you tax refund may cause you to file your return early, but it may work against you. The tax code and procedure often changes at the last minutes, where the refund is delayed while the IRS updates its tax software. The delay may be minimal, hence wait to file in the second and third week of the year.

What is the effect of late tax return filing?

  • Last minute filing will also delay you return, more if you file on paper caused by the sheer volume of people filing at that time.
  • Late filing puts you and increases possibility too if identity theft where someone can use your social security number a claim your refund.

Lastly, you may fall, victim of incorrect direct deposit information, that those using e-filing and request a direct deposit.  Filing a paper tax return it will always take the time to get your refund.  Amending your tax return will also cause the delay in tax refund where you have to file an amended return that is not eligible for e-filing and you must mail it to IRS hence takes 12 weeks for a tax refund.  When you use to prepare the taxes, an extensive checkup of common errors prior filing is done.