Completing the Tax Return Form

Completing the Tax Return Form

Finishing up your tax forms at the 11th hour can be both baffling and tedious however the entire procedure can be made a great deal simperby learning the methods in advance.

There are two ways you can do this, the first one is on paper or the second, doing it on the Internet by way of HMRC or by using one of the numerous other softwareavailable out there. Doing it on the web is quicker, and avoids delays.

The due dates

The due dates vary depending upon how you send your returns back, which is better known as the filing dates. You can also visit our top article here for more information. The due date for submitting yourform offline is 31 October, just after the end of the assessment year;the HMRC must get your yearly return by this date. On the off chance that you are finishing this on the web, HMRC must get your form by 31 January.

It is essential you follow these due dates as if delayed it attracts a penaltyof £100. Another £100 will ariseif the delay is more than six months.

Completing the Tax Return Form

In the event that you send your form by paper and you miss the 31 October due date, neither can you abstain frompaying the penalty nor can you switch to the online method later to do it by 31stJanuary. In the event that your tax sum is under £100, the HMRC might lower the punishment to a sum that is proportionate to the assessment that is expected.

Offline Tax Returns

The HMRC assures to compute your duty bill and let you know the outcome before the installment due date of 31 January, given that you send your paper returns by the due date. On the off chance that you send your forms late, HMRC can’t promise to compute your tax billsor let you know the outcome by 31stJanuary.

If you want to read good content you can click this link: here. In the event that you might want to ascertain your tax by yourself, or if you are running late in sending your offline form, you can approach the HMRC for an estimation on your tax amount.


Online Method


Comparatively, HMRC’s online systemis very simple and helps you save essential time. You mustfirst enroll by heading over to the HMRC’swebsite and follow the simple instructions to complete the easy process. You will then get a personal identification number (PIN) which can take up to a week. It is therefore wise not to delay you registration until January 31st. Keep in mind, in the event that your tax form get delayed, you will have no other choice but to pay the fee, so do it well ahead of time.


Moving ahead, you will have to respond to various questions that come your way on the website so that it computes the tax just as much as it applies to you. The system will then work out the necessary calculations and will help with online help to you move ahead.


When you have finished filling up the online return form you will get an affirmation of the receipt form the other end.


To fill in complete and correcttax returns, you should include all your records. In the event that your yearly return is inappropriate and HMRC finds out that you owe furthertax, you might have to face a situation whereyou end up paying interest as well asa penalty so include all your tax records areright.