Can I File An Income Tax Return If I Don’t Have Any Income?

For thousands of people the dreaded tax time can be extremely concerning because filling out a tax return can be confusing and frustrating. However, this can be a very important document to fill out and something which you need to take seriously also. Most people though are often a little bit confused about who is eligible for refunds and who should be filling. It is very troubling and something which most have difficulty with. So, should you file a return if you don’t have any income?

If You Earn You Have To File

It can be very unclear about who needs to fill out a tax return and it has caused a lot of trouble. However, you should now know that if you earn money you will need to file in Australia. Every country has their own rules about this and certain limits as well so you will need to double check on these matters. Usually if you earn a few thousand dollars you will need to file. However, there may be a few exceptions depending on your circumstances. Now, this is hard to find out because the rules change often but usually if you earn over a certain limit you will need to file a tax return.

You May Not Be Eligible For A Tax Refund

Even if you earn money throughout the year and file a return, that doesn’t automatically entitle you to a refund. Now, this can be a complicated matter but it is still important to remember because usually if you don’t earn a lot of money and don’t pay much tax then you probably won’t get any money back. However, even if you are entitled to a refund you still may not be entitled for a refund. The reason why is simply because of the fact if you owe back taxes. Usually if you are eligible for a refund you should be able to get what you are entitled to. To find out more check out

Filing A Return Is Simple

In most cases filling out a tax return can be extremely hard. There are so many things you have to put down in detail and honestly most struggle with this part. However, it is important to file out the right documents with appropriate information. It can take a lot of time to do this but take your time and hopefully you won’t have too much trouble. When you send the return away you will need to wait a short while before you receive any refunds if you are eligible for one. Find more tips here.

Get Clarification

Usually if you don’t earn a single penny then you probably won’t require to file an income tax return but again every circumstance is different. However, if you are earning money then you are going to have to fill out a return and file. This is something you should do even when you aren’t earning an awful lot of money. Yes, it can be a little confusing and you probably don’t think you should file but sometimes if you are unsure, it’s best to do so anyway.