7 Responsible Ways to Spend a Refund Check

Every tax season, you receive a tax refund. You quickly spend the money on a shopping spree that includes buying clothes, electronics, makeup, games, and etc. You don’t even give your spending habits a second thought. However, this tax season you want to use your refund in a more responsible way.

Here are some ways to responsibly spend your tax refund:

Treat it Like a Paycheck

A tax refund is essentially an additional paycheck. It’s money the government owed you from your living wages. Before going out and treating it like lottery money, remember it’s just additional funds that should be spent on your everyday expenses.

Build an Emergency Fund

The smartest thing to do with your extra money is to not spend it. Instead, open a new savings account, and then put the entire amount in it. Use this money as the starting capital for your emergency fund. Every time you get extra money, put it in this account. Additionally, make automatic withdrawals from your checking account to your emergency funds.

Let the money stay in your savings account, just letting it grow until needed. Make sure to get an account that doesn’t charge any fees, so that your money can completely stay intact until used by you.

Pay Off Debt

Use the extra money to tackle some of your most financially strenuous debts. Decide whether you want to focus the tax refund money on all your debt, and divide it according to amount, or just put the entire refund towards your biggest debt, such as student loans, mortgage, high-interest credit cards or loans, or car payments.

Start Saving to Own a Small Business

Maybe you have a small business idea that you have wanted to explore, but never enough money. Well, put your tax refund towards the development of your small business goals. You most likely won’t have enough yet to cover the entire cost, but enough to start growing it into a reality.

Perform Acts of  Charity

Give back to others by donating some or all of your refund check to a cause. Additionally, you could use the extra money to perform random acts of kindness around your city or town. Examples of random acts of kindness to consider:

  • Buying a meal for a homeless person
  • Buying portable meals and handing them out to homeless people you pass
  • Buying a lawnmower and cut the lawn of senior citizens in your neighborhood
  • Buying stuffed animals and giving them out to children in a nearby hospital
  • Buying groceries for someone standing in line with you at the grocery store


Use it to Get Fit

Put some of your money towards healthy groceries, new fitness equipment, sign up for a weight watchers’ program, or just buy new workout gear. Living a healthy lifestyle is just as important as getting yourself financially stable, so splurge a little on healthy foods, or a gym membership.

Fund a Fun Experience

Sometimes it is alright to splurge some. Use a small portion of your refund to buy some new shoes from Finish Line. Save on this shopping trip by using some of Groupon’s Finish Line discount codes. Go on a small trip to a nearby state, but only use about 20 to 30 percent of your refund to fund the trip. Earn the rest by working a little extra until you reach your trip amount goals.

Also consider using the money for a small pamper day. Relax and get a day off, while only spending less than 10 percent of your refund check.